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Skywriting, an ecological media

Media with the smallest CO2 impact by created contact

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Ask us for impossible we’ ll write it in the sky for you !

With these firsts informations we’ll be able to comeback yo you quickly and inform you about cost and feasibility of your project.



Merci ! Message envoyé.

It may sounds paradoxal , but skywriting is the most cleanest way to advertise today. The plane we use is equipped with a special system that generates a vapour cloud to form letters and drawings.


We use a special liquid injected into the exhaust It’s actually the same liquid used into your preffered night club to smoke up the dance floor. Those also aviation certified special oils, are harmless to the environment and biodgradable. Those tiny drops of oil are injected into the plane exhaust, warmed without combustion, they then grow up more than a thousand time from their initial size.


This is what forms the cloud trail. Sprayed into the tropospheric layer of the atmospher they don’tcreate a green house effect. They are absorbed quickly and are a relative small volume, in opposition with jets contrails that can reach the stratopsheric layers.

Calculation details

1125W x 300 000 TVs = a power of 37500KW it means the consumption for a 30 seconde average


Tv commercial is equal to (37500 / 3600) x 30 = 312,5 Kwh


Inside the actual European energy distribution model , the average Co2 rejection is about 0,4 KG per KW/H . Generating 312 KW/H will create 124 KG of Co2.

For a message generating as much contact as a 30 seconds TV spot skywriting will generate at least half less Co2.


To generate a message seen by about 300 000 persons, the plane will consume 20 kg of fuel, which will make a 40 kg Co2 rejection. In comparison to get the same result and reach as much people, a TV spot will generate an energy excess consumption of about 312 KWH. Coresponding to an estimated 124 Kg of Co2 in the actual energy distribution system. About 3 time what the plane reject for a skywriting flight .


If you ad to this the estimated line loss for power transmission reaching about 50 percent of the needed power, this far exceed 186 kg corresponding to 4,6 times the plane’s rejection. And this without taking into consideration the makeover of the TV spot …

And in reality it takes more than 300 000 Tv to reach as much people.


Other media like billboards , newspapers, take fleet of trucks to deliver and paper to advertise, radios consume a bit less but still is polutant.


Internet advertising, will also generate excess power loss. The ecological efficiency of a communication campain is directly dependant of it’s general efficiency ..


Using a media mix is one of the most efficient way to promote. Skywriting far exceed other kinds of media in term of audience captivation, when a message display show captivate from 5 to 20 minutes.


Skywriting in this way, has its part to play into this very crowdy media environment, giving a superior efficiency to a campain. It finally allows to reduce environmental footprint in advertising.

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