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A new way for viral communication

Skywriting is the media obtaining the most efficient retention rate because the intensive emotionnal effect it creates. On a top of the communication chain it can become a great succes of viral communication. With the relay of social networks and other medias it will give an impressive efficiency.

Depending on the opportunity, skywriting could be a total surprise, for the targeted population, or a planned and expected action part of an event.


In many cases the company can use it as pre event promotion or post event promotion, keeping all the right uppon its use on any support.


A skywriting message can be considererd as an entire part of an event, a company anniversary an opening ceremony, team building or any other specific events.

We can guarantee a two minute precision. At the desired time the message will start to be written from the best angle, especially for your specific audience.

An interesting available option is the possibility that the pilot join you after the flight. He can land to the closest airfield and get involved with your guest to exchange about this message he just wrote above their heads. Skywriting is an event by itself, its strenght is to reunite during and after is apparition.


Retention rate is proved to be the highest of all medias. Book your advertising space with us now as you would do with any other medias. Chose the number of messages you want , their location and time of occurrence where audience is the most present. You will increase even more the potential of your campain.


Build your communication plan using social network relay, creat games and involve your audience, reach your customers and make them participate. In any cases, we are able to write in the sky all the alphabetical letters, numbers , and even a lot of special symbols. We can design and shape simple drawing, but very impressive because they are done in the sky.

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Ask us for impossible we’ ll write it in the sky for you !

With these firsts informations we’ll be able to comeback yo you quickly and inform you about cost and feasibility of your project.



Merci ! Message envoyé.

Skywriting is a complex process, to provide a quality service many people are engaged and differents variables are influencing the price. First the plane operation itself, operating a skywriting equipped airplane requires a lot of care, about maintenance, airworthiness handling and preparation. To make such a plane fly, direct operating costs are, fuel, special environment friendly smoke oil, landings fees and oxygen .

The price differs for corporate service, as we dedicate all the visibility to your action, you own the copyrights and will be able to use it for your viral communication.


Prices for a 6 symbols messages start from 5000 euros within the Lyon area to about 5500 euros for other areas in France, depending of the mission complexity and area. You will receive your own customised quotation.

We can offer price discount for several messages or large communication campains.

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