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ABOUT skywriting

Skywriting is about shaping the sky with smoke letters

The size of a building , for advertising , love messages and anything that needs to be big.

First advertising mass media 

Skywriting is born during the 1920’s when a few pilots started to write drink and tobacco companies names in the sky.


Skywriting becomes then the first mass media well before radio and TV.


Letters are more than one mile high and messages are more than 7 miles large . They cover a large area, and can be seen more than 14 miles around during 20 minutes and even more , reaching entire cities .

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Ask us for impossible we’ ll write it in the sky for you !

With these firsts informations we’ll be able to comeback yo you quickly and inform you about cost and feasibility of your project.



Merci ! Message envoyé.

Social medias networks and internet in general have made skywriting even more viral. A sky message is being instantly shared in all social medias. There is nothing like skywriting to interupt , focus and engage an audience.


Get the attention you need and capture your customer interest by creating an intense emotionnal happening into your event.


Communication action, brand building, advertising or anything you can imagine with the sky will improve your brand notoriety.

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