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All the answers to your questions

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Ask us for impossible we’ ll write it in the sky for you !

With these firsts informations we’ll be able to comeback yo you quickly and inform you about cost and feasibility of your project.



Merci ! Message envoyé.

How long before a message has to planned ?

It depends of the pilot availibility, but can be very quick, especially close to base, as we master every appovals required.  


Can we perform a skywriting anywhere in France ? 

We can write easily in most of the areas, however some specials areas like the Paris area and the meditarean cost from Cannes to Nice are a bit tricky and require special permits.


Can you perform skywriting outside of France ?

Yes our plane can move on a very far distance, and we are the only service providers in Europe and Africa. 


What is the maximum size of a message ?

Skywriting messages are displayed in such a wide area that you better chose smalls words that talks by themselves . We can reasonnably write 6 letters to 10 letters in good conditions . 


How is the price calculated ?

Skywriting price depends of many factors, first the plane usage, every costs related to flight time, fuel, and then there is a variable cost which depends of the number of letters for smoke oil the skywriter skills, message complexity etc. We give you a quotation in between 24 to 48 hours.


Why particular people prices are smaller than corporate ones ?

A corporate skywriting action differs from a particular people action because a company will have the possibility to use our skills and performances as a communication media, therefore copyrights apply. 


What happens when the weather is not good ? 

When the weather is not good enough for skywriting, we ensure a full cashback. But as we want to ensure the best service possible with quality and genuine performances, we can decide as a mutual decision to report a message for a better day, to get the best from the sky, because this is what skywriting is about.

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